Here at High Street Dental Care, we have a truly exceptional team of qualified dentists, dental nurses and hygienists to help you in any way we can. 

Our Dentists:

Stefan Kaczmarczyk BDS (Birmingham) Principal Dentist 
Trevor Archer BDS (Dundee) 
Samantha Furlong BDS (Birmingham) 
Paresh Khiroya BDS (Manchester) 
Robert Archer BDS (Newcastle) 
Stephen Dovey BDS (Newcastle)
John Mace BDS (Birmingham)
Andrew Toy BDS (Bristol) MFGDP (Uk) 
Dr Brett Davids BDS (Newcastle) MSc DPDS MFGDP
Kapil Sangi BDS (Punjab) MJDF (RCS Eng) DIP PERIO (Uclan)
Irina Beleva DDM Plovdiv PGCert Aesthetic & Restorative PGCert Endo


Dental Hygienists:

Amy Walker          DIP DENT HYG (Edinburgh)
Richard Larratt     DIP DENT HYG (Edinburgh)
Sharon Kenney:   CEB Dip Dent Hyg (London)
Lesley Shambira: CertClinEd (Essex)
                             FDSC Oral Health Science

Manager: Amanda Braithwaite

Assistant Managers: Janine Ayling and Nicola Brooks

Dental Nurses:

We currently have 15 Dental Nurses at the practice.



  • Dr Stefan T Kaczmarczyk

    Principal Dentist,
    BDS (Birmingham)
    GDC 63814

  • Dr Trevor Archer

    BDS (Dundee)
    GDC 48903

  • Dr Samantha Furlong

    BDS (Birmingham)
    GDC 63830

  • Dr Paresh Khiroya

    BDS (Manchester)
    GDC 59473

  • Dr Robert R Archer

    GDC 79377

  • Dr Stephen S Dovey

    BDS (Newcastle)
    GDC 81841

  • Dr Andrew Toy

    BDS MF GDP (Bristol) MFGDP (UK)
    GDC 54721

  • Dr John Mace

    BDS (Birmingham)
    GDC 63818

  • Dr K Sanghi

    BDS (Punjab) MJDF (RCS Eng) DIP PERIO (UClan) GDC 109884

  • Dr Irina Beleva

    DDM Plovdiv
    PGCert Aesthetic & Restorative PGCert Endo
    GDC 249464

  • Adrian Rollings

    Clinical Dental Technician, Dip.CDT (UClan)
    GDC 140513

  • Dr Brett Davids

    BDS (Newcastle) MSc DPDS MFGDP
    GDC 81837

  • Amy Walker

    DIP DENT HYG (Edinburgh) GDC 6649

  • Richard Larratt

    DIP DENT HYG (Edinburgh)
    GDC 178782

  • Sharon Kenney

    CEB Dip (London)
    GDC: 1473

  • Lesley Shambira

    CertDentEd (Beds)
    FDSC Oral Health Science
    GDC: 154716

  • Amanda Braithwaite

    GDC 124691

  • Abigail Bramall

    Dental Nurse,
    GDC 124697

  • Sarah Hill

    Dental Nurse,
    GDC 124672

  • Donna Newman

    Dental Nurse,
    GDC 124693

  • Becky Greaves

    Dental Nurse,
    GDC 124696

  • Nicola Brooks

    Assistant Manager,
    GDC 124674

  • Ella Cropper

    Dental Nurse,
    GDC 124700

  • Janine Ayling

    Assistant Manager,
    GDC 139779

  • Elizabeth Smith

    Dental Nurse,
    GDC 179555

  • Katie Wood

    Dental Nurse,
    GDC 206905

  • Rebecca Senior

    Dental Nurse,
    GDC 260290

  • Shannon Robson

    Dental Nurse,
    GDC 280295

  • Sian Bayley

    Trainee Dental Nurse

  • Shannon Setchell

    Trainee Dental Nurse

  • Carrie Thompson

    Trainee Dental Nurse

  • Lauren George

    Trainee Dental Nurse

  • Irene Ellinas

    Trainee Dental Nurse

  • Lauren Garner


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