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What To Do When It’s Your Turn To Smile Str8? And It’s Always Your Turn.

Complete Step By Step Handbook to Untangle, Untwist, Unleash Your Brand New Seductive Smile and Relieve the Pain of Your Crooked Teeth.

What To Do When It’s Your Turn To Smile Str8? And It’s Always Your Turn.

Complete Step By Step Handbook to Untangle, Untwist, Unleash Your Brand New Seductive Smile and Relieve the Pain of Your Crooked Teeth.


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Meet Your Smile Str8 Dentist Dr. Andy Toy

Dr Toy has been married to his wife Sheila for 21 years this year.

Family is extremely important to him. He likes to do a lot of walking, and he and Sheila often go mountain trekking. They have a place in the Alps where they love to ski. Drinking wine and watching the Leicester Tigers rugby team are among his other interests.

Curry Dentist

Dr Toy’s main hobby is cooking, and he spends most of his time on a Sunday preparing food for the day and the rest of the week. That’s where his creativity comes out now. His favorite food … which he’s famous for in the dental world … is curry.

It’s the reason he moved to Leicestershire, as he believes you won’t get better curry almost anywhere else. He makes his own curries using ingredients from the Asian food markets in Nottingham.

Why Trust Andy?

Smile Str8 Dentist Dr Andy Toy qualified from the University of Bristol in 1980 and has been providing orthodontic (teeth straightening) treatment in general dental practices ever since … It’s his ruby anniversary (the 40th!) of being a dentist this year. He’s treated over 70,000 people and studied teeth straightening as part of his undergraduate course.

Andy trained in the Invisalign technique in 2006 and has treated over 800 Invisalign patients, making him one of the most experienced Invisalign practitioners in the East Midlands. He’s now reached the level of Platinum Doctor, of which there are only two to five in the area.

Andy Trains Invisalign Dentists, and Why That Benefits You

A significant part of Smile Str8 Dentist Dr Toy’s professional life is training and mentoring other Invisalign dentists, and he now spends more time doing that than he does treating patients.

He started teaching Invisalign back in 2010, when the company asked him to come on board and be a lecturer. Andy trained about 60 dentists in 2010, and he’s now at the level of mentoring 200 to 400 dentists a year. And it’s the only diploma course that’s backed by Invisalign …

He’s the dentist’s Invisalign dentist.

Why wouldn’t you trust someone with this experience with your uneven smile?

Would you go to a dentist that teaches other dentists?

Absolutely …


Meet Smile Str8 Advisor Donna in Her Own Words …

‘I’ve been married for 15 years and I have two children. I’ve got Holly, who is 14, and Joseph, who is 11. And I like to do pole fitness. That’s my main passion. And I like to go camping. We’ve just bought a new caravan. I’ve worked at High Street Dental Care for over 22 years. So I’ve been here for more than half my life.

‘You can trust me to look after you. I’ll be there from start to finish. I’ll be with you on every part of your Smile Str8 journey. I’ll be the one to contact if you have any problems. I’ll help you arrange your appointments so they’re more convenient for you.

We’ll work around you as best we can. And if you have certain times that you need to come in for, or if you have any hurdles that you need to get across, I’ll be the person here to help you do that.

‘I began working with Andy Toy approximately six years ago. The moment a patient walks in the door unhappy with their smile, I take them through the journey of the Invisalign process, helping them overcome any fears, worries or problems affecting them.

‘And then seeing the end result, it’s like two different people. To help somebody achieve that, to get them to a smile that they love, improve their confidence and watch them grow as a person … It’s an honour to be a part of that Smile Str8 journey, and I really do enjoy that part of it.’

Will You Be Andy’s Next Invisalign Success Story? Is It Your Turn To Smile Str8?

Smile Str8 Questions and Answers:

Smile Str8 Dentist Dr Andy Toy advises against using direct-to-consumer (DTC) products where they send you a kit in the post. The kit contains putty to do your own impressions, which you send back to the company, which in turn sends you your aligners by mail. It might be convenient and cheap … but it can be dangerous.

Infact some DTC customers have complained of having migraines and jaw pain nine months into their treatment … not being able to properly chew, because these ill-fitting aligners shifted their teeth so much … and even developing an open bite, where their teeth no longer touched when biting down. You don’t get pre-treatment evaluation or ongoing supervision from a medical professional or access to your own Smile Str8 Advisor Donna.

The process of Invisalign Smile Str8 is actually pain-free.

The worst feeling you’ll get is like a really good scale and polish, where you get some vibration and a lot of water. At any time, you can put your hand up and Dr Toy and Donna will stop straightaway. Dr Toy hasn’t had to give an injection for the last five years, which has been a joy for him and certainly nice for his patients too. Once the aligners are fitted, the worst feeling you can get is some discomfort.

Many people actually find they prefer to wear the aligners, where at the start it was difficult to get them to try them on. Your teeth can have some sort of discomfort when they move, but because they’re protected by the aligners, it’s not something that bothers you on a daily basis. Invisalign are better than fixed braces in this regard, because fixed braces can be very painful. Fixed braces can rub your lips and cheeks … and they certainly hurt your teeth when the practitioner tightens up those wires.

Invisalign treatment is specific for each patient, but we’re able to give you a really good idea before you finally commit yourself to treatment. It can be as short as three months, and it can be as long as 18 months. Most of Smile Str8 Dentist Dr Andy Toy’s patients find their treatments last about 12 months. Invisalign treatment used to take a long time, but Dr Toy was involved with research which enabled him to halve the time to put Invisalign in.

There are a number of ways of investing in your Invisalign Smile Str8 treatment. Most people give a deposit of £1,300, which is about a third of the total. You then invest about £250 per month, interest-free, for the rest of the 12 months. You can also get financing for your treatment, which brings the investment down to below £100 per month and can be spread over two, three or four years.

And £100 per month is less than what you probably spend on takeaway food … so you’ll be getting healthier and end up with a picture-perfect, straighter, whiter smile.Some people prefer to invest the total price upfront and get an investment reduction. Your investment can be anything from £2,000 for a very simple case, up to £5,000 for an extremely complex case.


Book Virtual Smile Str8 Conversation Donna/Andy (Refundable Deposit)


Included in that is £600.00 worth of the world’s best Vivera Invisalign retainers. And receive a totally free White Dental Beauty professional tooth whitening system. Usually worth £228.00. But free to Smile Str8 clients.

It’s no good straightening your teeth if you don’t look after them later on in life and retain the position of your teeth. A total of £828.000 on Smile Str8 products, totally free.

Your investment in straightening your teeth is like buying a car with monthly investments, except your smile lasts forever …

And you can’t really put a price on that. 

Remember, you’ll not only have a great-looking smile. You also get all the health and functional benefits along with it by seeing Smile Str8 Dentist Dr Andy Toy today.

Will You Be Andy and Donna’s Next Invisalign Success Story? Is It Your Turn To Smile Str8?

Call now on 01664 494439 if you have any questions or concerns. It’s now your time for a change. If you’ve been putting off the opportunity to Smile Str8, then what are you waiting for? 

You’ve come this far. You have all the proof in your hands that Andy and Donna are the trusted Smile Str8 Advisors you need. Claim your £600.00 worth of the world’s best Vivera Invisalign retainers now. 

And we’ll also throw in a free White Dental Beauty professional tooth whitening system. Usually worth £228.00. But FREE to Smile Str8 clients.

Everyone is now wearing straighter, whiter smiles. It’s your turn. As Marie Antoinette said …

‘It is true I am rather taken up with dress; but as to feathers, everyone wears them, and it would seem extraordinary if I did not.’

Don’t wear an ordinary smile, smile A ROYAL EXTRAORDINARY SMILE just like a Royal. It’s now your turn.

Dr Andrew Toy: GDC 54721

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