CQR Dentures : A new kind of denture that could change your life forever

Eat with confidence, Speak with confidence & Smile with confidence

If you wear dentures, then you could regain the confidence and the quality of life that goes with a beautiful, natural smile with CQR Dentures, a revolutionary new concept for denture wearers!

Dentures can make a person look and feel older than they are and restrict their everyday pleasure of eating and talking comfortably. CQR Dentures give many of our patients the chance of a new 'quality of life', helping resolve many of the problems caused by conventional dentures. High Street Dental Care is proud to be the first dental practice in the UK to offer CQR Dentures.

CQR Dentures enable our patients to benefit from the cutting-edge of modern science. This new construction process allows us to create a denture that can be uniquely adapted to the shape and function of the individual patient. This means that muscles of the jaw can work more effectively to allow a better chewing action. They are also more stable so that you can feel more confident when smiling and talking. There's less rubbing against the gums too! CQR Dentures provide numerous health and lifestyle benefits to give you the confidence that your dentures are effective and well-fitting.

High Street Dentures Confidentures CQR Dentures Confidentures



  • Improved digestion
  • Chew more effectively
  • Improved nutrition
  • Eating a wider range of foods
  • More confidence speaking & laughing


  •  Greater enjoyment of foods
  • Greater confidence
  • Improved well-being


  •  Less sore spots
  • Reduced need for denture fixative
  • Financial Benefits
  • Reduced need for fixatives and ulcer gels
  • Easy payment options available


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CQR Dentures Leicester

Clinical Denture Technician - Adrian Rollings

At High Street Dental Care, Adrian Rollings runs a denture clinic, providing all types of dentures including the ground breaking CQR dentures. 

Adrian began his dental career in 1980 at the University of Birmingham Dental School when he qualified as a Dental Technician in 1985. He has since gained many awards and qualifications, he was one of 120 medal winners out of a pool of 1.9 million of qualification awards made by the City & Guilds in 2010.

Most recently Adrian gained his diploma in Clinical Dental Technology passing with distinction. Adrian brings over 30 years of technical experience to the heart of High Street Dental Care.

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