New Digital X-Ray for Dental Treatments

January 11, 2019

 We are pleased to announce that we now offer digital x-rays at High St Dental Care, allowing safer, faster treatments for our patients.

We are always looking to invest in new technology and improve patient experience, and our new digital x-ray machine will help us to do just this. By using digital technology, we can streamline appointments, plan effectively for treatments and make sure we achieve the best results we possibly can for our valued patients.

Our digital x-ray machine may be used during your appointment, especially if you are going to be having more specialist treatments or a form of oral surgery with us. If you have any questions ahead of your treatment, please just speak to your dentist or to our reception team.

How are digital x-rays different to standard x-rays?

In many ways, the experience for you will be similar to having a normal dental x-ray taken. However, the key difference is that the x-ray will not need to be developed and will instead appear on a computer screen. This gives your dentist instant access to the images, so they can make an immediate assessment of your teeth.

When do we use digital x-rays?

We may use digital x-rays to capture imagery of your teeth and surrounding structures. We will most often use digital x-rays when you are having oral surgery such as dental implants, to help us plan your treatment and ensure we position the implants correctly.

Why is digital x-ray technology beneficial?

There are many benefits associated with using digital x-ray technology, including:

  • Less radiation. Due to the technology used within digital sensors and plates, digital x-rays expose you to less radiation – the reduction could be as much as 80%. This makes it a safer method of obtaining the x-rays we need.
  • A quicker process. Your images do not need to be processed in a dark room and will be visible to your dentist straight away. This means a shorter appointment length for you, and if we find that we need more images, we can take additional x-rays straight away.
  • Easier image management. We can store all data digitally, allowing us to look back at your files easily and bring up previous x-rays whenever we need to. We can also easily share this information with other dentists if it will be beneficial to your treatment.
  • A greener process. Images don’t need to be developed, which makes the process more environmentally friendly. There are no chemical processes, meaning we don’t have any hazardous waste or lead foil to dispose of.

Please get in touch with High St Dental Care if you would like to discuss any aspect of your treatment or book an appointment. We will be more than happy to talk you through the digital x-ray process, though there is very little you will need to do to prepare. If you have any questions about the rest of your treatment, you can talk to our reception team or ask your dentist. Please call us on 01664 562092 or email

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