New CBCT Scanner at High St Dental Care

November 27, 2018

New CBCT Scanner at High St Dental Care

At High St Dental Care, we are fully committed to continual investment in the latest dental technology, improving patient experience by offering new treatments and enhancing existing ones. The latest addition to our dental practice is our cone beam computed tomography scanner, or CBCT scanner. This is used when a patient is going to have dental implants, giving us all the information we need to make sure the implants are positioned perfectly. It can also be used in orthodontics, helping us to plan your treatment so we can achieve the best outcome.

What is CBCT technology?

The CBCT scanner is used to obtain detailed images of your mouth, jaw, teeth and surrounding areas. It can produce almost 600 individual images in just one appointment, making it a highly efficient way for us to collect everything we need to plan for your treatment. There are different kinds of CBCT scanners that you might have heard of – we use a specific type in dentistry, which is much more useful than an x-ray because it can collect far more images.

Our CBCT scanner can be used to collect 3D images that show:

  • Dental structures
  • Soft tissues
  • Bone structure
  • Nerve paths

How does it work?

During your appointment, the CBCT scanner will be positioned so that it rotates around your head to collect the required images. It is completely painless and we will make sure your are comfortable throughout the treatment. All you will need to do is remain still. You will be asked to remove any jewellery, and items such as hairpins, as metal could interfere with the images from the scanner.

How does the new CBCT scanner help us offer our patients a better experience?

If you keep up with our latest news, you will see that we are often investing in equipment that will benefit our patients, and that will allow us to offer the most innovative dental treatments in the UK. This helps us to keep our reputation as a leading dental practice in the Leicestershire area. This is how our latest piece of equipment will help us to do just this:

  • Expert planning ahead of implants. If you are having dental implants with us, we can use our CBCT scanner to help us plan your treatment and position your new implants perfectly
  • Access to the most advanced orthodontic treatments. We will have unrestricted access to the imagery we need to plan your orthodontic treatment and achieve the best results.
  • Only one quick appointment required for your assessment. We can collect all the imagery we need using our scanner. It is completely painless and you won’t need extensive x-rays.

       Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about our CBCT scanning technology. We will be happy to talk you through all procedures and you will have a full consultation with your dentist before any treatment takes place. If you are interested in dental implants or orthodontic treatments, please just book in an appointment. Call 01664 562092 or email  

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