Free Dentist Checkup for New Loughborough Customers

Free check-ups for all new patients from the Loughborough area.


High Street Dental Care is currently offering free checkups for all of our new patients in Loughborough.

Our team of dentists, dental nurses and dental hygienists can offer a range of treatments, such as fillings (metal and white), crowns, inlays, veneers, bridges and root treatment among others.

To make sure your teeth are strong and healthy, we’re currently welcoming all of our new patients from Loughborough with a completely free checkup.

So if you’re from the Loughborough area and you want to find out more about our dental plans or book your free checkup today with our dental practice near Loughborough , then call High Street Dental Care on 01664 562092 or alternatively you can email us at

Free check-ups for all new patients. Children seen on the NHS.

Contact us today on 01664 562092 to book your free check-up.


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