CBCT Scanner

CBCT Scanner

At High St Dental Care, we make use of cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) scanning within our dental practice. This is a sophisticated, pain-free way of helping us to gather the information we need about your teeth, nerves and jaw, so that we can complete your treatment as successfully as possible.

The CBCT scanner is primarily used in two specific treatments:

  •  Implants. This is the main treatment where we will regularly use our CBCT scanner. Our scanning technology gives us unparalleled insight into the structure of your teeth, jaw and gums, so we can ensure we can perform your dental implant surgery successfully.
  • Orthodontics. For some orthodontic treatments that involve adjusting the position of your teeth, we may use CBCT scanning technology. This will give us a better understanding of your teeth and bone structure so we can accurately plan your treatment.

We will be able to advise you further if you should book a CBCT scanning appointment as part of your treatment.

What is a CBCT scanner and how does it work?

CBCT is a technique used to produce images for various medical purposes and this type of scanner is regularly used in dentistry and oral surgery. It produces high-quality 3D images in a high volume, removing the need for multiple x-rays.

We will use the CBCT scanner to obtain information about:

  • Dental structures
  • Soft tissues
  • Bone structure
  • Nerve paths

What to expect during your appointment

The CBCT scanner will be fixed into place depending on the images we need to obtain. It will rotate around your head, scanning and collecting the required images. Please do not wear any metal items to the appointment, such as jewellery or hairpins. These may interfere with the quality of the images and you may need to come back for a second appointment.

The benefits of using a CBCT scanner

CBCT scanners have many benefits over traditional x-rays, giving us much better insight into oral structures so that we can plan for your treatment accordingly. Here are some of the benefits you will find to us using CBCT technology within the practice:
  • A better outcome with implant procedures. We can plan and evaluate your dental implant surgery ahead of your appointment and will have access to cutting edge imagery to help us.
  • More sophisticated planning for orthodontic treatments. Your scans will show us detailed images of your teeth, allowing us to plan cosmetic procedures and achieve excellent results.
  • One appointment required to collect all images. Our scanning technology saves you time. We collect everything we need in one appointment and you won’t need multiple x-rays.
  • More images made available to us. Our scanner can collect around 600 images, giving us more information. More knowledge means the power to improve our surgical techniques.
Please get in touch if you have any questions about the CBCT scanner we use within our practice. If you are having dental implants or orthodontic treatments and you would like to discuss your scan with your dentist, we will be more than happy to assist. Our reception team can also answer your commonly asked questions, so please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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